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The Ace of Spades Has Been Caught!

Stay tuned for our relaunch.

Join Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital Foundation and Carleton Place Royal Canadian Legion Capt. A. Brown Branch 192 supporters as they play Catch The Ace to find the elusive Ace of Spades.

Play every week for a chance to Catch the Ace and win it all!

Thank you and good luck!

Draw Results

CP Catch the Ace

CP Catch the Ace - Week 26

Congratulations to last week's
Winning Number: 3316130

Envelope Chosen : 8
Card : Ace of Spades

How to Play


Step 1


Purchase your tickets each week until the Ace of Spades is caught.


Step 2


Choose the envelope where you think the Ace is hiding.

ace of spades

Step 3


Tune in Thursdays at 6PM to see if you are our weekly winner and if you have selected the Ace of Spades to win the progressive jackpot!

hand with heart

Step 4

Play Again

If the Ace of Spades was not drawn, a new weekly draw begins. Buy your tickets each week for your chance to win.

Proceeds from Catch The Ace will

Support Local Causes

Carleton Place & District
Memorial Hospital Foundation

Your donation can help save a life and makes the world of difference in providing the vital patient care equipment we need for our growing community!

Royal Canadian Legion
Capt. A. Roy Brown Branch 192

Help to fund programs and events in Carleton Place and the surrounding community for our Veterans, seniors, and youth.


PLEASE CALL: 1-866-531-2600.