Rules of Play


  • Ticket purchasers must be 18 years or older to enter the Raffle. 
  • Ticket purchasers must be located in Ontario at the time of purchase. 
  • The following persons are prohibited from purchasing tickets in the Raffle: 
    • The Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital (CPDMH) Foundation staff and Board of Directors;
    • The CPDMH Senior Team and Board of Directors;
    • The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Branch 192 Executive Committee Members and Legion members involved in the organization of the Raffle;
    • Employees of the registered gaming supplier, Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd.;
    • And members of the same household of each of the above; and 
    • Employees of the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario. 


The draw will be held weekly on Thursday nights at the RCL Branch 192, 177 George St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 1Z6 at 6:00 p.m. 

Weekly: Sales will cease at 5:00 p.m. on the date of the draw. 

The Draw will be held at 6:00 p.m. the same evening. 

Beginning:  August 12, 2021

Ending:  52 weeks max (Thursday August 12, 2022) 



  • The CPDMH Foundation and RCL Branch 192 have a long strong history of partnership and in supporting the community. Having successfully concluded a 43-week long municipal Catch the Ace lottery in 2020, they have continued this partnership with taking the Raffle online. Proceeds are split evenly by 50% to support the important mandate of each organization.  
  • The CPDMH Foundation is the license holder of the Raffle event and have retained the services of Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd. (CBN) to complete all draws electronically. CBN is an AGCO approved company for providing electronic raffles. 
  • Catch the Ace Raffle consists of 1 Weekly raffle, with two potential outcomes: 
    • A Weekly Consolation prize consisting of 20%of gross weekly sales.  
    • The Progressive prize consisting of 30%of gross weekly sales PLUS any carry-over of the previous weeks’ Catch the Ace Raffle jackpot
  • The winning Catch the Ace card is the Ace of Spades. 
  • Should the digital envelope contain the designated winning card (the Ace of Spades), the winner will be awarded both, the Progressive Pot prize and the Weekly Consolation Pot prize. The draw is then concluded.
  • Should the envelope NOT contain the designated winning card (the Ace of Spades):
    • The card and envelope number are removed from being a valid selection from future Weekly Raffles. 
    • The current Weekly Raffle is complete and the Consolation price will be awarded to the valid ticket holder upon claim and confirmation. 
    • A new Weekly Raffle shall commence with the Raffle Progressive Jackpot carrying over. 


  • Weekly Raffle tickets may be purchased at  
  • Tickets must be purchased in the province of Ontario. 
  • Tickets will be available beginning at 6:30 p.m. each Thursday, following the previous weekly draw. 
  • Tickets are available at the following bundle prices of: 3 for $10, 10 for $20, 50 for $50, or 100 for $75. 
  • All purchasers must provide an email address, telephone number and use a valid credit card to complete the purchase of their tickets. You are responsible for entering your contact information in accurately.   
  • Tickets can be only issued to the owner of the credit card.  There is one name per ticket and the person named must claim the prize.    
  • During the online checkout process, purchasers shall select an envelope number from the remaining Raffle envelopes. This shall identify the purchaser’s selected envelope to be opened should their Weekly Raffle ticket number be selected. 
  • Online purchases shall be made by Credit Card exclusively
  • After purchase, purchasers will be provided a digital receipt with their registered Weekly Raffle numbers from CBN’s Random Number Generator (RNG) system.  A digital receipt shall identify the envelope number selected by the purchaser during the checkout process. If tickets are purchased on the same day of the draw and there are errors in information, you may not receive your ticket until after the draw.  
  • No specific numbers can be given, as ticket numbers are generated at random. 
  • The Weekly Raffle winning ticket number will be selected by the RNG system from all raffle numbers sold for that Weekly Raffle. 



Ticket Sales Cease 
Sales will cease at 5:00 pm on the date of the draw. 


Value of the weekly Progressive Pot and Consolation Prize 

  • The Progressive Pot is calculated as thirty (30%) percent of the total weekly ticket sales plus the amount from the previous week.   
  • The Consolation prize is calculated at twenty (20%) of the weekly ticket sales and is awarded weekly. 
  • The value of the weekly sales and the amounts for both the consolation and the progressive draws will be calculated by the CBN system. 


Weekly Draw Procedure 

  • The RNG system shuffles the Ace of Spades weekly so that no one knows which remaining envelope contains the Ace of Spades.  
  • At the time of the draw, the RNG system will be activated. The winning ticket number and the envelope number listed on the ticket will be selected by the RNG system and the card revealed.  The result is displayed on screen at the moment the ticket is selected by the RNG system.  The identity of the winner will not be revealed until the ticket holder is contacted by the team, the claim is verified and the winner has provided consent to release their name. If consent is not provided, only the ticket number will be shared. 
  • The live video feed of the draw will be posted to social media for both the CPDMH Foundation and the RCL Captain A. Roy Brown Branch 192.
  • It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to claim the prize by contacting the CPDMH Foundation office and having the results verified. Once verified, the winnings will be paid by cheque or e-transfer to the named holder of the ticket.   
  • The winning ticket holder has six (6) months from the date of the draw to claim either the Consolation or Progressive Pot prizes.  If the money is not claimed, it will be dispersed appropriately with the approval of the AGCO. 
  • When a winning ticket is presented, the winner must show:  
      • 1 piece of government issued ID proving their age to be over 18; 
      • Complete the Prize Claim Form; and  
      • Sign their name on a printed copy of the winning ticket. 
    • If a winner (Weekly Raffle or Progressive Raffle) cannot provide photo ID, then the winning proceeds will be held until such identification can be provided or the six month time period to claim a prize is expired as outlined above. 
    • All winners of either the Weekly Pot prize or the Progressive Pot prize, shall be contacted by the telephone and/or the email address provided during the ticket purchase checkout process. 


    Dispute Resolution 

    • Should there be any dispute over the identity of the purchaser of a winning ticket for either a Weekly Raffle or Progressive Raffle the issue will be forwarded to the AGCO and appropriate authorities for guidance. 
    • The winning ticket information will be stored in electronic format by CBN.  
    • This process will be continued until the Ace of Spades is drawn and the progressive pot is won for a maximum of 52 weeks. 


    Awarding the Prize Winnings 

    • CPDMH Foundation will not issue a pay-out to a ticket that is presented by someone other than the person listed on the winning ticket.   
    • Beyond awarding the prize money to the ticket holder, CPDMH Foundation has no responsibility for the further disbursement of any money won.    
    • All prizes will be paid by cheque and must be accepted as awarded. 



    • By purchasing a ticket and/or claiming a prize, winner consents to the use of their likeness/photograph, first and last name, ticket number, city/town of residence and the audio/video recording (or written transcription) of the winner notification telephone call, for any publicity purposes by the CPDMH Foundation and the RCL Captain A. Roy Brown Branch 192.
    • CPDMH Foundation and RCL Captain A. Roy Brown Branch 192 respect the privacy of its raffle supporters; we do not sell, rent, or trade our supporter lists.  


    Security & Safety During the Pandemic 

    • The lottery will be conducted online and as such all purchases must be made electronically and are directly deposited into the AGCO approved CPDMH Foundation lottery account.   
    • No lottery monies will be kept at the site of the draw.  
    • All draws will be conducted electronically held at the RCL Captain A. Roy Brown Branch 192, 177 George Street, Carleton Place, ON. 
    • The RCL Captain A. Roy Brown Branch 192 is a place of business and serves alcohol.  As a licensed establishment it is governed by the Liquor Licence Act of the Province of Ontario.  Areas within the establishment that serve alcohol to the public are licensed for specific numbers of patrons.  We will follow all laws and regulations set forth in the license of the RCL Captain A. Roy Brown Branch 192.
    • The CPDMH Foundation and the RCL Captain A. Roy Brown Branch 192 will follow all provincially mandated health and safety protocols in place during the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic. Current provincial requirements mandated by the Regional Health Authority are: 
      • Masks are mandated at all times if someone is inside the Legion premise. 
      • A sign-in protocol is in place to track those in attendance at the Legion.
      • Physical distancing will be maintained both inside and outside as reasonably possible. 
      • The draw will be conducted inside the Legion and displayed on the large screen monitor for patrons to see and for the videographer to film. The number of persons allowed to attend will be limited by provincial rules.
      • Weather permitting, the Legion has a large outdoor open area that has picnic tables and a covered patio.  Attendees will have access to the area to maintain social distancing and remain part of the Catch the Ace event.   
    • The Legion is a locked facility and security is maintained 24 hours per day. Members of the Legion and the general public are allowed access during business hours of operation. 
    • The Legion reserves the right to restrict or change the operating business hours in accordance with provincially mandated directives as per the pandemic response. 
    • Security of the facility is maintained by the RCL Captain A. Roy Brown Branch 192 membership in accordance with their policies and procedures.   
    • As the progressive pot grows, the CPDMH Foundation and RCL Captain A. Roy Brown Branch 192 will determine what extra security measures are required to maintain social distancing protocols and will follow all rules and regulations established by the Province, and the applicable departments.  


    Contact Us! 

    All inquiries for questions relating to the Catch the Ace must be made to the “Catch the Ace” phone line: 613-257-2200 x ACE (223) or to info@cpcatchtheace.caBoth our voicemail and email address will be checked daily by our volunteers and we will respond to you as soon as we are able.  


    AGCO Licence No. RAF1213474 
    Please play responsibly. For support with gambling addiction contact  
    ConnexOntario at 1-866-531-2600 or visit their website at